"What is that Zhao Wenchang? Yongan should be my Tang family property. I told you to go, but he dared not let him go?"? You just follow me, and the advantage of having you in the future is. Snow sees quite have big elder sister head demeanour, clap a bosom, press everything on oneself shoulder. Jingtian and Zhu Wu thought that the snow saw that the girl was beautiful and upright, and that serving her was much better than serving Zhao Wenchang, who was ferocious and had no talent at all. At that moment, they readily agreed. What is this thing? Zhu Wu saw one floating in the air, covered with yellow, with wings on his back. He looked like a bird but not a bird, like an insect but not an insect. His face looked like a baby, and like a small animal with a pear. His heart was quite strange. Naturally, the lock demon tower did not have this creature. It was not surprising that he had never seen it. A flying pig? Jingtian guessed, and to be honest, he was a little afraid of this strange creature. When Hua Ying heard him say this about herself, she was so angry that she bumped into Jingtian and was dazzled, but she saw several glittering golden stars. Stupid, this is a jacaranda. You must serve her like me in the future, or you will suffer. Snow saw the way of anger. This can be really deadly, Zhu Wu wry smile. Jingtian climbed up and looked at the magic sword on the ground. Although he was afraid, he was somewhat reluctant to give up. He could not tell why he had such emotions in his heart. He thought that although the sword was strange, it had followed him all night, but it had not hurt him, so he carried it on his back. "There's a Happy Inn up ahead," said Xue Jian. "Let's go and lodge there. Go to Jiulongpo tomorrow morning. "Stay at an inn?" Jingtian asked? I don't have a penny on me. Snow gave him a white look and said, "Will the master still want the slave to pay?"? Stupid! But I live in the upper room, and you can only live in the stable! Zhu Wu and Jingtian looked at each other and went to Xiaoyao Inn with a wry smile to answer the orders of Xuejian and asked the boss for a room, well, a stable. < a href = http://www.qidian.com > Qidian Chinese Network www.qidian.com welcomes friends to visit and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all in Qidian Original! Chapter 12 Jiulongpo, Thunderbolt Hall. Updated July 30, 2009 11:58:09 Words: 2594 "Na, Jingtian, I regret that I suddenly agreed to be Xuejian's sidekick." Sorting out a straw mat, Zhu Wu smiled bitterly. "We can't stay in Yongan all our lives," said Jingtian. "It's good to go out for a walk." "That's right." The next morning, Jingtian and Zhu Wu woke up very early, Zhu Wu saw snow and did not wake up early, so he went to prepare dry food and took it with him. Snow see is to sleep until the third pole of the day to wake up, dressing up is to noon, poor Jingtian and Zhu Wu two people will become to help her carry luggage. Zhu Wu submissively, Jingtian is also used to listen to people, also do not take it seriously. The three of them walked all the way to the south, and half an hour later they arrived at Jiulongpo. This Jiulongpo has dense forests, Inflatable indoor park , many poisonous snakes, mosquitoes and flies. Looking at the steep slopes and dense forests, Zhu Wutu sighed helplessly, but there are many plants he likes on Jiulongpo. Before entering Jiulongpo, Xue saw that he was from Tangmen and was very experienced in avoiding poisonous snakes, mosquitoes and flies. He took out a bottle of snow cream and took some. "Most of the mosquitoes and flies here are poisonous," he said. "Be careful." Jingtian thought he could leave Jiulongpo soon, but he didn't think that there were many poisonous snakes and beasts on Jiulongpo, as well as many mountain spirits and wild monsters. Although the road was not high, it blocked them for a long time. With the help of the magic sword, Jingtian could easily deal with the mountain spirit, but it didn't last long. Instead, he saw a pair of Emei thorns coming out of the snow. They were all smart and delicate, which made him feel ashamed. Zhu Wu followed them, but he didn't have to do anything. After walking for most of the day, the three of them saw a small wooden house on the Jiulongpo and went up to rest. Is there a mechanism in this place? Jingtian had always studied this mechanism, and at a glance he saw that there was a dark pavilion hidden in the room. He said to himself, "What kind of treasure is this place?" The heart is overjoyed, Zhu Wu followed down, the snow is also curious, but she is: "I do not believe, this bird does not lay eggs where there will be treasure.". ” Zhu Wu said, "It is because there are few people that it is possible to have a treasure, isn't it?" Sure enough, there were a lot of treasures hidden in this place. Besides gold and silver, there were also some famous weapons, but they were old, and those weapons were not stained with blood for a long time, but they were rotten and rusty and became scrap iron. It turned out that this place was a place where Li Hankong, a bandit of Bashu, hid his treasures three hundred years ago. Li Hankong was a righteous bandit. Three hundred years ago, the world was in chaos. Li Hankang could not dispose of these treasures in his lifetime. After his death, he had no descendants. The terrain of Jiulongpo was dangerous and inaccessible. This treasure had been hidden here for hundreds of years and no one had taken it away. As soon as Zhu Wu reached the corner, he moved a silk thread-bound copy of Xuanzi Shengong and dropped it on the ground. But he shouted, "Jingtian, look quickly. There is a secret book here. Come and see. Can we practice it?" Jingtian's ability is really bad, he has the intention to promote Jingtian, but do not know how to use, now to this treasure, this is a rare opportunity. Snow saw too much, saw the title of the book, reached out to grab the past, a careful look, the heart is quite admired, but how this book does not seem to have hundreds of years of history. "How's it going?" Asked Jingtian. "This is Taoist kungfu. Well, it can be regarded as excellent kungfu." Xue Jian gave such a pertinent answer. Jingtian and Zhu Wu searched in the treasure pile for a while, but found nothing else. They immediately took some silver from the treasure and spent it. In the evening, after eating the dry food prepared by Zhu Wu, Jingtian moved the Zhenyuan in his body according to the method recorded in the book. His talent was also high,inflatable amusement park, and soon he got the knack of silk. The fatigue of climbing Jiulongpo and the fatigue caused by using the magic sword soon became energetic under the operation of the Zhenyuan in his body. This kung fu is so powerful. Jingtian said then closed his eyes, let the body of the silk of True Qi slowly running, slowly growing. joyshineinflatables.com