"I'm all ears!" The song I heard last time is still echoing in my ears. During this period of time, I was so busy that I spent very little time with her, let alone looking for opportunities to enjoy other things. It was rare for her to be interested. Qin Tianying enthusiastically supported her. Qile picked up the flute, thought a little, put the flute to his mouth, and then a gentle and distant sound rippled in the garden. The melody is gentle and soft, seems to be an elegant woman, in a faint murmur of what, what to tell, what to express. Pray for music deep breath, a song has been finished, she looked at Qin Tianying, he seems to be still immersed in it. "This song has a kind of." This is what kind of feeling, he listened to this song, unexpectedly can not suppress the feelings of prayer, want to hold her in his arms affectionate care, want to tell her that he will stay with her forever, want to guarantee. "This is one of our songs. Do you want to know the lyrics?" Qile looked at him at a loss, as if unable to organize language to express his meaning, and said, "It can best express the connotation of the song.." "And words?" Qin Tianying had an accident. I'll sing it to you. Pray for joy to see his tired color has eased a lot, her mood is also flying up, before busy time, always love to hum, but I do not know why to come here after this habit to forget. "And you can sing?" Qin Tianying is filling the teacup beside her, listening to her words, very curious. "There are a lot of things you don't know."? Come on, eat some cakes, relax, and I'll sing to you.. "Please light another candle for me, because I have lost my way, I can't hide my panic, and I can't wait to look around." How can I lock your eyes. I would rather stay by your side like this, and I would rather never forget it all my life. I open the window of love, but see the desolation of the long night, and ask if you will give up my heartache.. "I won't let your heart break." Careful assurance,x60 line pipe, Qin Tianying wants to pull out his heart to prove it. Ah After singing Jacky Cheung's love song, I thought I could get a sentence of Qin Tianying's praise. After all, the songs she likes are all suitable for her voice, and it won't be hard to sing. Who knows that she is still immersed in the atmosphere of the song, but Qin Tianying came out with this sentence. How interesting Pray for music eyebrows and eyes to open, react to come over, "Oh, children can be taught." "That's not true." His objection was not over yet, but it was disturbed by the soft body leaning into his arms again. Qin Tianying stretched out his arms, and the seat of prayer was transferred from the stone table to his legs, increasing the strength of her waist. He had long wanted to do so. "Brother Sky Shadow?" Leaning on his hard shoulder, listening to his heartbeat, praying for music, holding his neck lightly, breathing in his ear, his voice was low and hoarse. Here we go again. Qin Tianying felt his ears begin to burn again, exerting a slight force, pulling her slightly away from himself, in front of her, a333 grade 6 pipe ,x70 line pipe, his self-control is really. "You really love me, don't you?" Women in love are worried about gains and losses, pray for joy to tell themselves, do not care about these illusory things, but now ask the export. Two people come together, a large part of the reason is her selfishness, in this world, she is too lonely, Qin Tianying opened her mouth, her heart is not too sure, but do not want to miss this opportunity. But did not discover, these days, she has already remembered Qin Tianying, put him in the bottom of my heart. Of course I am. Why would you ask that? Qin Tianying could not understand her tone, tentative, uncertain, she did not believe in herself? "Of course you are what?" Pray for joy to see his anxious look, the bubble of joy in the bottom of my heart, but the surface is silent, women like sweet talk, Qin Tianying does not seem to have this self-consciousness. Of course it is.. Hi. Love You This kind of words can not often hang in the mouth, say this sentence, Qin Tianying face flushed. Remove the word "happy!" Pray for joy command, there is still a certain gap between love and love. "I.." Qin Tianying tightened his palm, pulled her closer to himself, and saw that she was still unrelenting, sighing in his heart, just, "Of course I am." Love You "Good.." Without Qin Tianying exerting his strength, Qile automatically sent himself to him, with his forehead against his forehead and his hands around his neck, looking at his deep eyes imprinted with his happy smile, she gazed at his meager lips, lost her lips, she opened her lips lightly, "Brother Tianying.." I love you, too, later. The unfinished words were held in Qin Tianying's mouth, his strong arms tightly around the soft body of prayer, as if he wanted to rub her into his body, his lips were gently devouring her sweetness. "Whew.." Qi Lewei pushed him away, "whoosh." I almost ran out of gas. Brother Sky Shadow.. You are simply. Her appearance at the moment is simply a crime, Qin Tianying took a deep breath, pressing on the surging passion in his heart, his hands hesitated, whether to let go or continue. This goblin.. I'm not leaving tonight. Is it okay?.. "Ah.." Chapter 44 dejected "Ah.." "Clang." "Dong.." "Well.." Pray for joy to open his eyes lazily, "It's so noisy." "Are you awake?" Deep voice dumb asked, accompanied by love, low soft, but all of a sudden will pray for music to wake up, looking at her suddenly wide eyes, Qin Tianying chuckled. Ah! What are you doing here? It's strange not to be scared. Who can wake up with more people around him and still be calm? What do you think Qin Tianying shook his arm, which had been abused under the body of praying for joy, and was now out of the sea of suffering. I Qile finally regained consciousness and remembered what had happened last night. It seemed that after he said he would not leave, Rushuang had fallen asleep and could not wake her up. He simply gave her half of the bed to him. The two of them often chatted all night. At that time, he joked that he should be careful of his night attack. Look at the neat underwear, look up at him, is still yesterday's long gown,x60 line pipe, but has been wrinkled by their own, she sighed in her heart, do not know whether to praise him for his self-control or to review his lack of attraction. lksteelpipe.com