"It doesn't matter, anyway, even if we gather together, we won't have any fighting power.". But, senior, you must be careful, once the day is completely dark, immediately return to this place to gather! "All right." Mi Zhen didn't want to be separated from Li Yin at this time, but for the sake of the overall situation, he had to find the diary paper as soon as possible, so that he could know where to live. After all, now is not really the execution of the word of blood, there will be no way out to prompt the emergence of such a situation to kill again. When he was ready to separate, he said, "Be careful, Mi Zhen.". Be sure to live. "Li, Li Yin" Mi Zhen looked at him and felt that time seemed to be fixed in her life at this moment. Don't sacrifice any more for me. Live for yourself. After saying that, he turned around and left. Mi Zhen, on the other hand, stood in place in a daze, unable to calm down for a long time. "Li Yin." Fortunately, her reason was still there,inflatable bounce house with slide, and she knew that time was so precious that she could not afford to spend it at all, so she immediately stepped back. She looked at the map and decided to do a quick search of the neighborhood first. She only hoped that it would not be too secret. Otherwise, in case of hiding in the secret basement of the house or something like that, it would be desperate. As long as you find the diary paper, you can know what the way out is. "However," Mi Zhen began to consider some questions: "Is this space really the place of the tenth scarlet difficulty? Come to think of it, the diary paper does not explicitly mention the special space that has been written in blood ten times in the past fifty years. Just say, get off at Night Valley. If it's the tenth time in Scarlet,Inflatable indoor park, it's hard to understand the balance of difficulty to make a ghost disappear just by smashing some stone statues that are so obvious. So, what about this valley of the night? In addition, it seems that the people living in this place have really lived in the real world. This is not difficult to show, because through the trademark of some furniture, we can judge that it is a brand that exists in the real world. However, they have existed for a long time, the earliest of which can be traced back to the 1960s. If the people of this town have really lived in the real world, why did this town come to this space? Why did they die overnight and turn to stone? Is this all caused by the curse of the apartment? Or is it the influence of the devil? All this is a complete mystery. No matter how you think about it, it is difficult to draw a conclusion. In the end, Mi Zhen could only think that only by finding the diary paper of Pu Meiling could he uncover all the truth. Looking at the wrist watch, there is still an hour before the ghost enters the town next time. It is very urgent, and now it can be said that it is urgent. At that moment, she turned a corner in front of her, but stopped at once! She opened her eyes wide and looked at the former in disbelief! "This.." What is this I saw a big willow tree in front of me. And under a branch of the willow tree, there was a nv man who hanged himself! The face of the nv man was completely decomposed and looked terrible! What makes people feel terrible is that part of her lower body has turned into stone! This is completely incomprehensible to Mijin. The nv who hanged himself, inflatable amusement park ,Inflatable meltdown, half of his body was stone, and half of his body was a real corpse. Can it be said that this is a ghost that is still in the process of cursing? In a flash, on the rotten face of the hanged nv man, he opened his eyes and looked bitterly at the real one in front of him! At the same time, her body began to swing like a dang swing, and her body began to move! Mi Zhen turned around without hesitation and immediately galloped away! What's going on here? There should be no living people in this town. The nv man is also obviously dead for a long time! Can it be said that only after a certain time of death will it become a stone statue? Or, from a statue to a ghost? What is the law of this curse? What is the way to leave the valley of the night? However, at this time, Mi Zhen showed another thing that made her feel extremely terrible! She saw that the thumb and forefinger of her right hand had turned into stone! Moreover, it continues to spread to the palm and the fingers next to it! Volume 23 Masquerade Chapter 18 The True Face of Ghosts Now, go back in time to the moment when Sherry was in the swimming pool, holding her feet in the hands of the darkness. Is it a ghost? Is the ghost trying to kill himself? An Xueli at this time in the heart trembles, if the other side is the ghost, then can kill oneself now? No, no, she immediately thought, didn't Pumpkin Head just die? No, it won't! But in any case, she couldn't keep calm any longer. He swam back fiercely and stabbed him with the knife in his hand. However, first, the body is in the water, and second, the feet are restrained, in this situation, simply can not touch each other! At that moment, however, the hands were loosened! Ansheli was quite shocked. What's going on? But she didn't have time to think about it, so she paddled immediately, and now she had to get out of the pool as soon as possible! She has no other choice! Must immediately find a way to find the flashlight, otherwise, even if the ghost killed her, she did not know who the other side is! & o moxiong mouth, the heart worried: card n nòng wet, will not affect the effect? I hope not? At this time, also can not take out the card to see, there is no way, Ann Shirley can only walk against the wall. She was a little used to the darkness by now, but she still couldn't see the three people in the pool. However, I did hear the constant sound of water coming from the pool. At the moment, she was quite envious of Fan Yuqi. Because, if she is still alive, she can see the scene of the swimming pool clearly at this time. She walked step by step towards the front, at this time, she did not know whether she would go in the opposite direction, farther and farther away from the big m mén. However, in the current situation, we can only make a bet according to our feelings. Pumpkinhead just died anyway, and for now, it's safe. Of course,inflatable air dancer, just for now.. At that moment, Ashley suddenly heard a splash of water, and then "it seemed that a man had come ashore not far behind her!". joyshineinflatables.com